I Just Started a New Job

Of course I have been working quite a while in fact, I started out doing yard work for the neighbors when I was only 12 years old. My dad had a really good lawn tractor and he let me use it after he made sure that I learned how to operate it correctly. At any rate I was making good money by the time I was in high school, I got an old truck and a cheap trailer to haul my own mowers on. Right now I am thinking about how to make money in the bitcoin era, in fact those are the sorts of things I have been trying to learn about. My new job is with a wealth management firm, although right now they do not trust me to do any of the sorts of things that they are paid to do. Read more

Are Bitcoins Safe to Invest In?

It has been a pretty good day for me, I finally sold my grandmother’s house and I made a good deal for me and my sister. The big thing turned out to be the land around the house though. The people who bought it seem not to care about the house in the least. They said we could keep it if we moved it and I think that seems like an okay deal for us. At any rate I have been looking at the bitcoin evolution lately, looking for a good place to put the money I earned. The big thing is really to avoid paying taxes in as far as this can be done without ending up in jail. I said this to a friend of mine and he seemed not to be thinking about the part where I wanted to avoid going to jail. Read more