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Description: This 24-page paper provides resources to psychology instructors academic writing a practical guide for students stephen bailey pdf the high school, college, and doctoral levels to educate students about licensure. Affiliations: Cardinal Stritch University, Fort Lewis College, and St.

Description: This 25-page article discusses several changes found in DSM-5, including modification to the definition of a mental disorder, the elimination of multiaxial diagnosis, proposed changes to Personality Disorders, and diagnostic alterations involving childhood disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder, and major depressive disorder. The authors provide practical suggestions for teaching these changes to undergraduates. Cipani contrasts this approach to understanding human behavior with a more traditional approach. The Word document suggests how to use the narration to stimulate class discussion. Description: This 3-part resource advocates a curriculum focused on the instruction of interpersonal helping skills, defined as communication strategies that demonstrate a listener’s attention, interest, understanding, self-awareness, and ability to help.

The resource provides instructors with the tools needed to integrate a helping skills curriculum into practicum-centered courses. Part 1 summarizes research establishing the theoretical and empirical basis of a helping skills curriculum. Description: This 19-page resource provides advisors and students with specific information about admission requirements to art therapy graduate programs and identifies specific psychology and fine arts courses required for admission. It also provides basic information about art therapists’ average salary, job outlook, places of employment, licensure, and additional issues that students should be aware of prior to entering a graduate program in art therapy.

Description: This resource has three parts. 2,400 hotlinks psychology majors can use to explore 300 careers they can prepare to enter that have been organized into 15 broad occupational categories to facilitate searching. Description: This resource offers three student-friendly versions of the information in Appleby, D. Kisses of death in the graduate school application process. The second is a handout that can be distributed during class meetings or advising sessions. Description: This 5-page resource describes how videos on the website www. The site is especially useful for high school, college, and graduate students in all majors, but especially in psychology.

Teachers, professors, and parents may also find these resources to be useful as they assist their students or children. Description: This 29 page paper describes the potential causes of, consequences of, and solutions to the imbalance between the number of graduate students seeking clinical and counseling internships and the availability of accredited internship sites. Its aim is to help educate undergraduates before they commit to a graduate program. Description: I identify Internet resources that can enable users to easily obtain authoritative, detailed, and up-to-date information about the specifics of particular occupations, and conditions in the contemporary U. Program Guide is a quick reference for both prospective Psy. So Your Students Want to be Sport Psychologists! Description: This 10-page document introduces the field of sport psychology, provides guidelines for advising students and suggestions for appropriate courses.

Description: This 45-page document describes 15 helping professions both within and outside psychology. Position Opening: Professor–Is College Teaching a Career You Should Consider? Description: This publication suggests topics that could be incorporated into a curriculum on child maltreatment, along with a list of references about each topic. Description:  This 69-page comprehensive teaching manual describes a novel application of social-emotional learning in the college classroom. It describes an easy-to-implement and scientifically-driven intervention targeting the stress and anxiety experienced by students both within and outside of the classroom. The program includes 15 short, weekly activities that promote key mindfulness and anxiety-reduction practices. Description:  This 31-page annotated bibliography provides a representative and relatively comprehensive list of articles, book chapters, and books on the use of humor in teaching psychology, including using humor as a teaching tool, on exams, and in online teaching, and students’ perceptions of instructor humor.

Description: This resource introduces the use of blogging assignments for instructional purposes to promote student learning. The resource covers four areas: an introduction, pedagogical considerations, 10 lessons for novice instructors, and a sample syllabus assignment. Each includes an introduction that describes the development of the tool and a scoring rubric. The second and third measures also include reproduction-ready assignments for activities. Description: This 19-page guide discusses topics instructors should consider before adopting a clicker system for their classes.

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