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The cola of the cannabis plant consists of sub-units. Anatomy of flower pdf are a composition of buds. Single female flowers are brought together to form buds. The female flowers are also called pistils and on them are formed the stigmas in which pollination occurs.

Before the marijuana plant reaches maturity its cola is composed by sub-units that are preparing to be filled out. In this period of the plant’s growth it is done stretching and the bud sites are starting to develop. It depends on the strain, when the development will start. It may begin in the middle of the period of flowering. Each and every sub-unit is composed of a bud or in other words of the cluster of female marijuana flowers that are single.

The flowering period is the time when new flowers are forming on the top side of the sub-units. This period is recognized by the small stigmas which are formed on the new forming pistils or single flowers which are thin and have white hairs. The stigmas are two hairs which are coming out of the pistil. Pollination occurs when pollen from the male marijuana plant reaches the female stigmas and finds its way to the egg cell of the female plant that is inside the pistil.

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After the process of pollination, the seed is produced. An interesting fact is that growers prefer sensimilla which is the name for cannabis plants that are not pollinated and do not have seeds. The structure of the female flower that is called glandular trichome produces resin on the flowers and leaves close to them. It looks like a ball that is on top of a small neck. If you treat the buds roughly, the trichomes might break off. Their stigmas are still in search of pollen.

There is a smaller leaf which is located under the pistil and is named stipule. They are more noticeable in pre-flowers. If there are brown to red hairs that are coming out of the stigmas, it can still receive the pollen of a male plant. The stigmas die after heavy rains or winds. After this they become dry and their colour is brown and red.