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Being Makers Month here on our blog I wanted to create a tutorial for you that used home grown fabric. I love American fabric designers like Robert Kaufman, but I have recently fallen in are you the one for me pdf free download with a new British company Dashwood Studio. Dashwood was kind enough to tell me a little about their company. Dashwood is just over a year old , its been exciting.

We have had a lovely reception from customers . I think the domestic market was eager for a home grown fabric company producing quality contemporary collections. I worked in the States as creative director for a textile company before opening Dashwood, the time there opened my eyes,  the way they promote the designers,  embrace technology , market the products , so much more professional than here . You may have already seen that we used Dashwood Studio fabrics in our feature for Mollie Makes and again for this project I have used their Petit Street collection. This is the mess of tangled cables and gadgets and thingys that usually lurk at the bottom of my bag or in a pocket if I am lucky, some live on my desk and they are nearly always tangled. I have been waiting to make this piece for ages and playing around with the design and when packing for my holiday I just bit the bullet and made one up. A Home and Away Cable Cosy.

2 metre medium weight iron on interfacing, 10” zip, thread, poppers, elastic, a small belt clasp, 30cm of felt, scissors, iron, sewing machine and pins. As always you can make this project without a sewing machine, by hand sewing your pieces together. Start by making yourself a zip accessories pouch, I used the same technique as we did in the make-up bag tutorial we did last year. Start by cutting two pieces of each of your fabrics, I cut mine 23cm x15cm. Iron on interfacing to the fabric you want to use for your lining. Then pop your zip in-between the two right-sides of your lining and outside fabric facing up towards the outside fabric. Fold the second lot of pieces back and run a line of top stitching to hold the fabrics away from the zip teeth when the pouch is in use.

Once you have done that, take the two outer pieces and the two lining pieces and pin them together facing each other. Sew all the way around the outside and the lining leaving a small 7cm opening in the lining. To make the cable tidy part of the cosy, cut two larger pieces of your fabrics 25cm x 45cm and iron on some interfacing to the lining fabric – again to give it a little more body. Then pin two rows of elastic along the longer length, mine were about 7cm apart.

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