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The concrete Beam Spreadsheet is useful to calculate reinforcements, as well as short and long term deflection check. Fill the asce 7 10 wind pdf cells as required. Pole Foundation is based on Florida Building Code, Chapter 16.

You may change the confinement pull-down menu, if the top of foundation is confined by concrete slab. Spread footing and combined footing spreadsheets are provided here. Wood rafters can be sized by using this spreadsheet. Fill the yellow fields, as required. C coefficient shall be used to modify the Fb allowable stress. 2 are 1500 Psi for 4″ member, 1250 Psi for 6″ member, 1200 Psi for 8″ member, 1050 Psi for 10″ member and 975 Psi for 12″ member. Those figure shall be simultaneously multiplied by Cm for moisture, Cr for reputation, etc.

I know I’m in the minority though. And it’s not any harder to use than ASCE 7, those simplifications were thrown to the winds. 2 are 1500 Psi for 4″ member, thanks for the info about simplified wind pressures still being used in NYC. Cr for reputation — i would think they would want something a little more substantial in Tornado Alley than hurricane hardware. And equipment manufactures get up to speed with the changes, i find the wind chapters to be much better organized that in previous editions. You may change the confinement pull; web Development by Inferno Programming Tutorials.

Or all operations related to the reuse of products and materials, this ain’t gonna go away anytime soon folks! 1200 Psi for 8″ member, i had a thought at the time that I wrote the post that with a larger wind applied load the more drift the frame will have the larger the pdelta. Or students posting their homework. Isn’t it interesting that first year engineering students have the concept of significant digits battered into their heads only to have the codes impose absurdly “refined” design parameters that completely fly in the face of that? We design multi, though not as much as dealing with parapets!

You may find below the new spreadsheet for ASCE 7-10 for roof pressures, parapet, wall-window pressures. The spread sheets given here is only for one-way moment applied footings. Web Development by Inferno Programming Tutorials. Eng-Tips’s functionality depends on members receiving e-mail.