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Free Computer, Mathematics, Technical Basic computer books pdf download and Lecture Notes, etc. For weather and flights of Airports all over the world, click Here.

This book aims at providing an introduction to key concepts, algorithms, and theoretical frameworks in machine learning, including supervised and unsupervised learning, statistical learning theory, probabilistic graphical models and approximate inference. This tutorial has been prepared for beginners to make them understand the basics of Flexbox library. It will help the readers in aligning the contents of a webpage easily. It is assumed that the readers have a prior knowledge of CSS and HTML.

Scratch, the colorful drag-and-drop programming language, is used by millions of first-time learners, and in this book, you’ll learn to program by making cool games. Get ready to destroy asteroids, shoot hoops, and slice and dice fruit! From the melting of the polar ice caps to privacy issues associated with mapping, this book provides a gentle, yet substantive, introduction to the use and application of digital maps, mapping, and GIS. Learn about the Apache Spark framework and develop Spark programs for use cases in big-data analysis. It covers all the libraries that are part of Spark ecosystem, which includes Spark Core, Spark SQL, Spark Streaming, Spark MLlib, and Spark GraphX.

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This book is entertaining to read and gives a good basic introduction to the subject for anyone who hasn’t studied Computer Science. It uses examples from the publishing industry to introduce the fascinating discipline of Computer Science to the uninitiated. It addresses advanced applications and innovative case studies for different fields using ANN. This book shows how to design interactive charts and maps for your website, begins with drag-and-drop tools and gradually work our way up to editing open-source code templates, includes step-by-step tutorials, video screencasts, and real-world examples. Focuses on the synthesis of the fundamental disciplines and practical applications involved in the investigation, description, and analysis of aircraft flight including applied aerodynamics, aircraft propulsion, flight performance, stability, and control.

This book is an in-depth look at the ins and outs of the commercial aviation industry as it stands today. Tt will help the reader understand the policies and procedures that have been established to keep the skies of our nation safe. Free Computer, Mathematics, Technical Books and Lecture Notes, etc. The topics are reinforced through a series of hands-on lab exercises in which the reader creates a fully functional Visual Basic application. The lab setup and solution diskette included with the book provides the files required to perform the hands-on labs, and includes a set of solutions to the lab exercises for student review.