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KA, early 12th century to 1166. The De Administrando records seven generations of Serbian rulers belonging to the same family, whose rise to power becoming sister wives pdf with the establishment of Bulgaria as an important regional force in the mid-9th century.

Serbia set out in Chapter 2. According to a charter written in 1198 by Nemanja himself, his great-grandfather and grandfather had “ruled the land”. This statement is also found in the biographies of Nemanja written by his sons. In addition to Tihomir, Nemanja had two brothers, Miroslav and Stracimir. Emperor Manuel I’s choice of Tihomir as new ruler of Serbia in also makes more sense if he was closely related to the old dynasty rather than an outsider, as such a choice is more likely to have been acceptable to Serbia’s leaders. Hercegovina, as well as southern Dalmatia, northern Albania and Kosovo. Although Byzantium regained some of the lost territory under the peace treaty which followed their defeat of the Serbs at Morava River in 1190, Serb independence was recognised.

Many of the family relationships of the Serbian rulers remain to be confirmed from primary source data. Most of the present reconstruction relies on Byzantine sources. Few Serbian sources have so far been located and used in the compilation of the document. In particular, the biographies of Stefan Nemanja have not yet been found in translation into a western European language. The documents are written in Serbian, but are headed by a brief description in Latin which includes some genealogical details. It is probable that more relevant information is included in the body of the documents but these have not been studied due to the language difficulty. The present-day popular perspective of Serbian history has been influenced by legends which were developed by historical writers in the 16th and 17th centuries.

These relate in particular to the battle of Kosovo, and identification of the heroes and villains of the piece. In this respect, the Regno degli Slavi, first published in 1601 by Mavro Orbini a native of Dubrovnik, has been especially influential. The works of Giacomo Luccari are also relevant. Serbian ruling families is inconsistent with information included in some earlier primary sources, sed in the compilation of the present document but to which it appears that he did not have access. It must therefore be considered an unreliable representation, even ignoring the question of the reliability of information included from Orbini and Luccari. The name of Radoslav’s wife is not known.

The name of Prosogoj’s wife is not known. 852 assuming that that is the accurate date of death of Presian of Bulgaria. The name of Knez Vladimir’s wife is not known. He succeeded his father as Knez of Serbia, jointly with his brothers. It is difficult to date this invasion any more precisely than within the approximate range , when Boris of Bulgaria was at the height of his power. His descendants are known as the Mutimirovići. The name of Mutimir’s wife is not known.

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The name of Prvoslav’s wife is not known. The name of Bran’s wife is not known. His descendants are known as the Strojimirovići. The name of Strojimir’s wife is not known. The name of Klonimir’s wife is not known. He fought the Magyar, and was drowned fleeing the battle.

It is difficult to date his death with any precision. The Gesta makes no mention of Serbia, but it is reasonable to suppose that the attack on Serbia took place around the same time, so dated to . His descendants are known as the Gojnikovići. The name of Gojnik’s wife is not known. Serbia, nor has any information been found on rulers in Serbia after Ljutomir and before the arrival of Dukljan rulers in the late 11th century.

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