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Please forward boy scout handbook online pdf error screen to 216. Please forward this error screen to 216. Philmont is also home to the Philmont Training Center and the Seton Museum. The Training Center is the primary location for BSA’s national volunteer training programs.

Philmont is also operated as a ranch, maintaining small herds of cattle, horses, burros and bison. The only documented Tyrannosaurus rex track in the world was discovered within the camp’s boundaries in 1993 in North Ponil Canyon by the Anasazi Trail Camp. It was formally identified in 1994. Philmont is located in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico. The closest village is Cimarron, New Mexico. The address of the ranch is usually given as 17 Deer Run Rd.

Tooth of Time Ridge, and the latitude line on which it sits, marks the boundary between the central and southern sections of Philmont. The boundary between the central and northern sections is around U. Native Americans of the Jicarilla Apache tribe and Ute tribe once inhabited Philmont. A few Native American archaeological sites exist in the northern section nearby the ‘Indian Writings’ camp, and various camps seek to preserve Philmont’s Native American heritage.

On April 22, 1942, a B-24 Liberator crashed into the side of Trail Peak. Waite Philips led a rescue crew up, but the seven men on board died on impact. Among the casualties was Eagle Scout Roland L. Jeffries and Star Scout Charles O.

The Santa Fe Trail crossed the plains just southwest of Philmont in the mid-1800s. One of the most prominent ranchers was Jesus Gil Abreu, who ran the Abreu Rayado Ranch from the 1870s to his death in 1901. Operating from the Rayado Settlement, he raised cattle, goats, and sheep and grew crops. The family owned this property until 1911, when they sold most of it off.

The history of mining at Philmont dates back to the years immediately after the Civil War. West after the war, as the U. Army was driving out the American Indians. Phillips built a large residence in the lowlands of Philmont. He turned the ranch into a private game reserve for himself and friends, and built a number of hunting lodges and day-use camps. Phillips sometimes allowed others including a few Boy Scout troops to visit his ranch. The only condition was that it be used “for the benefit of the members of the Boy Scout organization”.

In 1989, the Boy Scouts obtained a renewable special use permit to the Valle Vidal Unit of the Carson National Forest from the United States Forest Service, allowing Scouts to hike and camp in the area. Rich Cabins, a historical farming cabin on Ted Turner’s Vermejo Park Ranch, is also operated as a staff camp. The camp was initially named the “Philturn Rockymountain Scoutcamp”. The word ‘Philturn’ is derived from Waite Phillips’ name, together with the “Good Turn” he did by donating the property. In its early days, Philmont was run utilizing a half dozen “base camps” constructed at strategic locations.

Visiting Scouts lived at one of these camps for a week and could take day hikes to surrounding locations. To visit a different area, the Scouts packed their gear onto burros and hiked to another base camp. The standard and most popular Philmont program is the backpacking trek. In recent years, the option of a 7 day trek has proved to be popular as well. Every year, there are about 30 different trek itineraries offered, ranging from “challenging” to “super strenuous. Crews travel to Philmont on their own via aircraft, chartered bus, or Amtrak, to the cities near Philmont.

A typical crew arrives in Base Camp, checks in at the Welcome Center, and meets its Ranger, a trained staff member from the Ranger Department. Philmont also provides optional cooking supplies. The crew spends its first night in the trailbound side of Tent City, where the trekkers sleep in canvas tents. The Ranger verifies the trekkers’ general backpacking knowledge and teaches them specific Philmont procedures, such as bear bags and latrine usage. Rangers stay with their crews on the trail for two days and depart on the morning of the third day.

Order of the Arrow Trail Crew. Work Crews are staff groups who are responsible for maintaining and sometimes creating campsites and trails. 2000, is a twenty-one day trek program that is open to males and females between the ages of sixteen and twenty-one. ROCS is an educational backpacking experience rooted in conservation and environmental science education. Trail Crew Trek is a fourteen-day education experience rooted in service through conservation.

Participants build trail for seven days and then go on a seven-day educational trek throughout Philmont, involving hands-on experience with a variety of conservation projects on the ranch and visits from guest speakers involved in conservation and resource management. Order of the Arrow Trail Crew is a fourteen-day program for Order of the Arrow members aged 16 to 21 that gives participants an opportunity to work on various conservation projects around the ranch. The Rayado program is a select, strenuous twenty-one day backpacking program designed for experienced Scouts. Rayado crews are accompanied by two rangers and experience a number of challenges geared toward developing personal growth, a sense of stewardship for the environment, and leadership skills. Participants must be at least 15 and less than 21 years old, be in excellent physical condition, and skilled in Leave No Trace camping.