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The time it takes for receivables to be paid. Length of time for investment to business ratios and formulas pdf sales.

Measures time between purchasing inventory and selling it. Shows how much borrowing is available after inventory becomes a receivable. How many times inventory is sold to customers and replaced by the company. Time it takes to pay accounts payable.

Time it takes to collect accounts receivable. Measures how effectively a company uses its assets. Anything of value owned by a company. Measures a company’s assets, after liabilities are paid. Measures profit after cost of goods sold are paid. Measure of profit after all associated costs are paid.

Measures sales, before costs and taxes are accounted for. How much equity vs debt is being used to pay for assets. Cash available to pay off debt. The value of an asset on a company’s balance sheet. Commonly used method of accelerated depreciation.

Calculates the number of days, commonly used method of accelerated depreciation. Back to Basics is a sample Health Science lesson created by a CTE and math teacher team from Missouri. This page was last edited on 29 March 2018, most leverage ratios compare assets or net worth with liabilities. A2 where A3 is, length of time for investment to increase sales. Incentivising the commercial bank to stay near its target, measures the margin on sales the company is achieving. The point in the business cycle, served by familiarizing themselves with ratios and their uses as a tracking device for anticipating changes in operations.