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My hair is stronger, shinier and clean 15 dirty dozen pdf than it has ever been! I am pretty surprised that the ingredients I fell in love with at the very beginning of my shampoo free journey have remained my favourites. But unlike your shampoo it comes with a full refund if you don’t like it! Why did I give up shampoo?

At the start of this year I began an experiment with my hair. The purist in me was tired of putting toxins into my body, the spendthrift in me was weary of pouring so much money away on these toxins and the optimist in me was persuaded by our bodies ability to cope without reliance on products! I was in a wash-every-other-day-routine and was a slave to dry-shampoo. I knew there had to be a better way. Enter the No Poo way of life! In a typically extreme move  I totally gave up shampoo and have in the last 10 months put everything from a homemade nettle brew to mustard powder on my hair! Here are TEN options for shampoo alternatives I have played with- and sometimes made a lot of mess with!

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