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Please forward this error screen to 63. We are facing a plant closing where I work. Some of the machinists are looking to acquire training on CNC machines to prepare for the job market. The machinists at our plant ran manual machines to support production breakdowns and repairs. Are there any online classes you guys would recommend?

Any particular programing language that is prevalent in today’s market? Its good of you to try to help all your guys. Some CNC facts: There are many types of controls, some programmed by G-Codes where you need to learn the exact method and tell the machine what to do 1 step at a time. A prime example of these are the contrlos on the Mazak line of CNC machines with their Mazatrol control. The primary G-Code control in the world is called Fanuc, it comes from Japan and is installed on many CNC lathes and mills from around the world.

Fanuc has been in this country since the middle 1970s and the Fanuc method of G-Code programming is used by many other machinetool builders. Sources of education: Local Community Colleges, CNC Instruction books, CNC Instruction DVDs, Programming Manuals that come with machines. I strongly recommend to learn G-Code programming, it takes longer to learn, but whoever knows how to do it, can get a CNC job almost anywhere in this country. To get an idea what programs look like, look at www.

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