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Subscribe for email updates and important information. Some of co op application form pdf documents cannot be found anywhere else on this site. Find documents using keywords, browse them using document types, or check out documents connected to each of our strategic pillars using the categories. For co-operative material information in French, visit the resources pages of the website of le Conseil de la coopération de l’Ontario.

The On Co-op Documents Library: a source for documents and resources for both new and established co-ops. A table that compares the co-op model with other forms of enterprise in a table format. A document including a 13 point Government wishlist from the co-operative sector. This document was later abbreviated to our 6 point wishlist.

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ACT02 – A factsheet on significant changes made to the Act in 2009 that offer a number of improvements for co-ops. A guide for internship hosts of the CIEP program, outlining requirements and the application process. A list of Ontario’s co-operatives, sorted into provincial riding lists. Learn more about the 2012 challenge, including results and details of the winning proposals. 2012 Matters: CCA IYC Newsletter, Dec. A newsletter from the Canadian Co-operative Association, devoted to news and information on the International Year of Co-operatives.

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