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Have you ever found yourself putting in that new sprinkler system for your garden and right in the middle of the project discovered that you are out of 45 degree fittings? With this simple technique, you can heat bend custom fittings in any kind of PVC pipe. The secret to the process is using a controlled heat source and conduit tube bending pdf it out. In a word keep: it moving, keep it rotating.

PVC pipe is created by a process called extrusion. PVC plastic are heated up to a molten state and forced through a hole correspondng to the shape desired – in this case, a pipe. PVC is a thermoplastic – which means that it becomes soft when heat is applied. You can also take your piece of pipe into the kitchen and use your stove top – just make sure your wife isn’t home. Save the torch for making your PVC diggerydoo  but that’s another instructible. The key to the technique is constant movement – move the PVC pipe or the heat source back and forth over a 12″ or so area and keep the pipe rotating all the while.

After 3 or 4 minutes, the piece of pipe will start to sag. Keep it moving and rotating and begin bending it while rotating it – all the while keeping the heat on. Do not bend it quickly or stop rotating too soon or the pipe will kink. Once the bend is the correct angle, hold it while it cools.

As long as you don’t overheat it or kink it, it’ll hold pressure just like a straight pipe. 12 degree angle in order to get it into that next fitting – even if the pipe is already in the trench. Just remember to keep the heat source moving – but please don’t try drying your hair with it. We have a be nice policy. I’ve heard of filling the pipe with dry sand to keep it from kinking. I’ve also seen where you can heat and bell out the end of the pipe so you don’t need a coupler. I challenge anyone to try to cold bend anything larger than 1″.

Hemm is a professional electrical inspector in Yucala, the current to weld the pipe is applied by means of an induction coil around the tube. Heavy duty wrenches for the toughest jobs and tools for bending, metallic conduit and is rated as stronger than other rigid conduit. Turn power off at the fuse box. Photo above: EMT, aSHI 8th Annual Education Conference, this website author is a contributor to this course.

It took about 15 minutes to heat up all 6 conduits but once everything was nice and hot, I was able to rotate the entire J-box a full 90 degees, conduits still in place. Use care if cold bending pvc. Building a small greenhouse I had a 10 foot section snap. No harm but scared the smarts into me. Next bend was covered with heavy tarp. When cold bending 10 foot sections in summer, let sections rest on concrete or asphalt under black plastic in sun for a couple hours. My scout troop used the hot sand method to do snoeshoes a while back.