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This article, or parts of it may require copy editing for being written like a news article or catalog instead of a summary. Other than toys, Hasbro produces and licenses an assortment of Friendship is Magic branded products. The franchise’s toys and merchandise grossed over one billion US dollars in retail sales in 2014, compared to 650 million USD in retail sales in 2013. FiM shirts and accessories in mid-2011. Many of these designs are made by fans and licensed by Hasbro.

An Advent Calendar is available for purchase in Amazon Germany. It became available slightly prior to the winter 2011 holiday season. A set of six cards featuring the main six ponies is included in the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Collector’s Box. A My Little Pony Digigraph, meant to promote Shout! There are also four foil gold box toppers that come with the booster boxes, a six part Discord puzzle set, and nine additional special foil cards.

Several collectors’ tins, boxes, and other materials have also been released or announced, each containing a special foil card, a poster, card packs, and other features. Other items are also available from Enterplay’s store and other retailers. Other than the comic book series, several short comic strips appear in different magazines. A My Little Pony magazine by Signature Publishing is being sold in some European countries.

These countries include the United Kingdom and Croatia. In the magazine there is a 8 paged story, posters, general info on the ponies, a cooking recipe, activities, and a free gift with each issue. Issue one of the UK magazine has an eight page story of Friendship is Magic, part 1 and a two page story of The Ticket Master. The magazine mistakenly names Winona as “Jackaroo”, abbreviates zap apples to “Zapples”, and completely removes the changeling storyline from A Canterlot Wedding. Sparkle World magazine includes My Little Pony as well as several other series aimed at young girls such as Polly Pocket, Littlest Pet Shop, Rainbow Magic, Puppy in my Pocket, Strawberry Shortcake, Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps, and Winx Club. Several My Little Pony stories have been printed in this magazine: Rain, Rain Go Away!

There is a Dutch My Little Pony magazine. Dutch version of the Sparkle World story Rain, Rain Go Away! There is a French My Little Pony magazine, published by Panini. There is a German My Little Pony magazine, published by Panini. There is a Hungarian My Little Pony magazine.

At least one story has been printed in this magazine. Multiple posters have been printed in this magazine, including a reprint of the Comic Con 2011 promotional poster. Pucchigumi magazine, published in Japan by Shogakukan, is to include a My Little Pony Friendship is Magic manga. There is a Norwegian My Little Pony magazine, published by Egmont.

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