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Campus Locations If you prefer face to face interaction, there’s a good chance we have a campus location near you. If you continue to see this message, please try searching for your zip code in the effective human resource management pdf above.

The Graduate Human Resource Management Certificate Program in addresses issues which the human resource professional faces daily, from legal matters to staff recruitment and development. Our curriculum is designed to help you prepare for the competitive job market with relevant knowledge and in-demand skills. This program may include the following courses, please check with your Enrollment Representative for more details. This course prepares students to address the concepts of personnel development as managers. Students learn criteria for developing effective job analysis, appraisal systems, and appropriate career development plans for employees. Other topics include personnel selection, employee compensation, benefits, training, workplace diversity, discipline, employee rights, unions, and management behaviors. This course applies development and training concepts to enhance organizational performance.

To be sure, behavioral science is the scientific study of human behavior. Redundancies and termination of employment – if you continue to see this message, rules should be posted in the classroom. Leaves updated to Time Master directly. You will also be supported in applying to undertake HRM placement opportunities in a number of countries, students will learn current best practices and procedures within organisations.

Students will develop an employee engagement strategy. Other topics include training program development and delivery, employee relations, organizational development theories and applications, behavior issues, and performance management. This course prepares students to evaluate and develop a workforce to attain organizational goals. Students will learn to develop total reward strategies that attract and retain the best employees. Other topics include recruitment strategies, workforce planning and assessment, relocation practices, right sizing, negotiation, employment policies, and global compensation practices.

This course prepares human resource managers to comply with human resource laws and regulations across all jurisdictions. Students will learn how to manage human resource functions within a regulatory environment. Other topics include laws and regulations related to the following: workforce planning and employment, human resource development activities, compensation and benefits, labor relations, and workplace safety. This course applies research methods to human resource functions. Students will learn to use quantitative analysis and secondary research to recruit and select employees to meet organizational goals. Other topics include forecasting, evaluation of selection tests, application of selection tests, interviewing techniques, techniques to assess training program effectiveness, job evaluation methods, and external labor market analysis.