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Portable Document Format, which is popularly known as PDF, is widely used to share documents. When sharing PDF files with your colleagues or friends over the internet, you might want to compress or shrink the size of large PDF files. When it comes to compressing PDF files, there are google pdf compressor online few good utilities out there for Windows as well as Mac operating system. However, there are a bunch of good online services available to quickly upload and compress PDF files.

In this guide, we will share the best six tools and web services that you can use to compress or shrink PDF files on Windows and Mac. Use Small PDF service to compress PDF files Smallpdf. JPG files to PDF, Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, and PPT to PDF. A tool to unlock password protected PDF files is available as well.

To compress a PDF file, visit smallpdf. Compress PDF option, and then click Choose file to open your PDF file. Clicking the Open button will automatically upload the file and an option to download the compressed file will appear once the job is done. The service also shows the new size of the compressed PDF, which means you don’t need to download the new file in order to know the size of the file.

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Use Microsoft Word to Compress PDF As most of you know, Office 2013 supports creating and editing PDF files. However, not all users know that Office 2013 can be used to compress PDF files! While saving a document as PDF file in Office 2013, be sure to select the option titled Minimum size to reduce the size of your new PDF file. If you already have a PDF file, you can open the PDF file in Word 2013, enable PDF editing, and then save it as a new PDF file with the above mentioned settings. You can go through our how to edit PDF files in Word 2013 for detailed instructions. Shrink PDF files using PDF Compressor PDF Compressor is a free utility developed to compress large PDF files offline.