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Please forward this error screen to 69. This article is graham’s law of diffusion problems pdf the generic concept of the time-dependent process.

A diffusion is a process in physics. Some particles are dissolved in a glass of water. At first, the particles are all near one top corner of the glass. Time lapse video of diffusion of a dye dissolved in water into a gel.

Diffusion from a microscopic and macroscopic point of view. The barrier is removed, and the solute diffuses to fill the whole container. Top: A single molecule moves around randomly. Middle: With more molecules, there is a statistical trend that the solute fills the container more and more uniformly. Three dimensional rendering of diffusion of purple dye in water. Diffusion is driven by a gradient in chemical potential of the diffusing species. A gradient is the change in the value of a quantity e.

The word diffusion derives from the Latin word, diffundere, which means “to spread way out”. A distinguishing feature of diffusion is that it depends on particle random walk, and results in mixing or mass transport without requiring directed bulk motion. Bulk motion, or bulk flow, is the characteristic of advection. An example of a situation in which bulk motion and diffusion can be differentiated is the mechanism by which oxygen enters the body during external respiration known as breathing. The increase in oxygen concentration creates a concentration gradient for oxygen between the air in the alveoli and the blood in the capillaries that surround the alveoli.

Oxygen then moves by diffusion, down the concentration gradient, into the blood. The pumping action of the heart then transports the blood around the body. As the left ventricle of the heart contracts, the volume decreases, which increases the pressure in the ventricle. This creates a pressure gradient between the heart and the capillaries, and blood moves through blood vessels by bulk flow down the pressure gradient.

In the phenomenological approach, diffusion is the movement of a substance from a region of high concentration to a region of low concentration without bulk motion. According to Fick’s laws, the diffusion flux is proportional to the negative gradient of concentrations. It goes from regions of higher concentration to regions of lower concentration. From the atomistic point of view, diffusion is considered as a result of the random walk of the diffusing particles.

In molecular diffusion, the moving molecules are self-propelled by thermal energy. Random walk of small particles in suspension in a fluid was discovered in 1827 by Robert Brown. Biologists often use the terms “net movement” or “net diffusion” to describe the movement of ions or molecules by diffusion. For example, oxygen can diffuse through cell membranes so long as there is a higher concentration of oxygen outside the cell.

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