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When a Phillips Is Not a Phillips Plus So Much More! Introduction: When a Phillips Is Not a Phillips Hi lite fasteners pdf So Much More!

When a Phillips is not a Phillips – Plus So Much More! With overwhelming response to my preceding “ible” titled “When a Phillips is not a Phillips? Cross-head, Cross-Point, Cruciform, Square Drive Screws and Drivers” and this logical expansion follows. Readers requested information on all – recessed screw drives including security, especially the tougher ones to find. This article contains a lot of information presented from company websites, catalogues and brochures and so ‘may be biased’ to highlight their drive qualities. There are some advantages and disadvantages of some drive types.

This “ible” is not intended to present one drive superior over another as each has desirable qualities. Maybe it will be the definitive guide with your help it could get close. If you disagree with any of the information or if I missed a related drive you know of, please let me know where I can validate the information. Miss-information, incorrect illustrations, screwed up usage of terms on the Internet and elsewhere is rampant and part of the problem created by so many drives. Should you have relevant information, especially verifiable or with web links, clear pictures etc to add, correct or improve the project please email it to me so I can follow-up on it. Use this project, enjoy it, share it, just do not claim it as your own or sell it.

Some of the contents have been borrowed, copied, clipped, etc and may still be copyrighted by others. I’d like to inspire and encourage you to please remember I like and also collect all flavours of world currency! If you enjoy this work, please remember to Vote accordingly if you see it in an Instructable Contest. This “ible” is presented with one screw drive type per step. When possible there is a head icon pattern, a drive bit or tool picture, plus additional pictures and text to help clarify the type.

Icon patterns of each screw type are a view of the screw head, straight on. They can best be visualized if you imagine the screw head is used as a rubber stamp with a black inkpad. The screw head fingerprint result transferred onto white paper should resemble the icon. The drive of course is usually, but not always, an inverse of this.