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The requested URL was rejected by the F5 load balancer. History of basketball summary pdf Boston Celtics have had or tied for the best regular season record for a record 18 times. In that season, the Warriors recorded 73 wins and 9 losses with a winning percentage of . The Eastern champions have won 38 championships while the Western champions have won 31 championships.

The defunct Central Division won one championship in 1950. Of the 70 championships, 34 of them were won by the teams who had or tied for the best regular season record. In 10 other occurrences, the teams who had or tied for the best regular season record, lost the Finals. Number of teams participated in that particular season, including any teams that folded during the season.

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Number of regular season games played by each team. All team additions and subtractions occurred before the start of the season unless stated otherwise. Prior to 1949, there were no Eastern and Western Division champions, because the playoffs were instituted with a three-stage tournament where the Eastern and Western Division teams had played each other before the finals. The Anderson Packers, who folded in 1950, are not affiliated with the present-day Washington Wizards, who were known as the Chicago Packers from 1961 to 1962. Due to the NBA’s realignment into three divisions, the division champion with the best regular season record qualified automatically for the NBA Finals while the other two division champions faced off in the NBA semifinals to determine the other finalist. Two teams with the best record received a first-round bye in the playoffs.

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