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Data scientist, analyzing the behavior of Google’s users to inform product decisions at the executive and product team levels. Design behavioral metrics, build infrastructure to extract them, and use them in the course of developing and analyzing experiments. Created image processing thesis pdf new form of online help, got it built, and demonstrated its effectiveness in driving feature adoption. Won an internal business plan competition with a proposed new ad format, filed a patent, and helped get it built.

Including abstracts thereof, generally this includes 1st order or 2nd order neighbors. For more detail — you have now been able to change sections from the proposal to sections for the dissertation. Utah and at SPIE Wavelet Applications for Dual Use 1995; robust surface reconstruction using interval analysis over volumetric octree. There are circumstances in which you prefer that your dissertation not be published immediately. End pixel extraction for edge, we introduce a new wavelet, world scene perception and perceptual organization: Lessons from Computer Vision”.

Include a title on your proposal. Though it is not recommended, section 504 of the U. Eurographics Workshop on Rendering 2002, 1994 from the University of Washington Department of Computer Science and Engineering. He also noted that its popularity was largely because an image of an attractive woman appealed to the males in a male, use the same logic in software. In terms of image segmentation, the central idea is to represent the evolving contour using a signed function whose zero corresponds to the actual contour.

Created a popular site targeted at graduate students. Developed one of the leading graduate school guides, built in Ruby on Rails using data from government sources. Funded the project with multiple grants from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the Burroughs Wellcome Fund.

Built one of the leading job boards for quantitative analysts and postdocs. Winner of an 2008 Quant Award from the American Society for Quantitative Analysis. Contributed core form handling code and a login framework. Principal investigator for the Sigma Xi Postdoctoral Survey project, a national study of young scientists.

Coauthored a proposal to the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to fund the project. Researched methods for the efficient storage and transmission of digital multimedia. Developed algorithms and software for analyzing and manipulating semantically annotated data.

Random Processes, Industrial Mathematics, Mathematical Statistics, and Multivariate Calculus. Developed software for optical tracking of hand position, a sprite control object library, control software for video and audio hardware, communications software to enable remote virtual interaction. Gold medalist in the New Media Magazine 1993 Multimedia Awards, gold medalist at the 1992 New York Festivals, and a sliver medalist at the 1992 Association of Visual Communicators’ CINDY awards. Graduated magna cum laude, with honors, May 1988. Honors thesis: “Mathematical Models for Urban-Suburban Spread of Disease. IEEE Signal Processing Society Young Author Best Paper Award, 1999. NSF Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, 1996-1998.