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Please forward this error screen to 212. Luckily for us, there is a growing number of great resources out there to help us manage our stress. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best ones on the web, from comprehensive university portals to interactive guides that assess your personal stress level introduction of stress management pdf provide specific feedback and advice. This great resource can be downloaded as a pdf for printing.

This resource is comprehensive and has great links to relaxation exercises, desk stretches, stretches specifically to relieve stress, and more. It clearly separate short- and long-term methods. This is a great, multi-page resource. This is a nice resource because it covers all of the basics in bullet-point fashion and then ends with a quiz assessing your vulnerability to stress. It is also in a printable form to be used for fliers.

This is one of the best university resources out there. Each of these components has a short description and then a link to an entire page dedicated to that topic. For example, value crises are more likely to occur at the beginning of a new academic year. This is one of the shorter university resources, but it covers some great tactics for dealing with stress without overloading the reader with information. This resource is part of Brown’s Health Education program, which provides information about common college health issues. The university’s medical center provides this seven page resource complete with extra resources and a multi-part video. This resouce is made up of several lists of bullet points, which makes it extremely easy to digest.

It also has a nice list of related resources at the end. This resource starts out with a nice overview of stess and college. It is comprehensive, but easy to digest because of bullet points and lists. It also has a good list of useful websites at the end. This resource goes beyond many others by providing a daily stress record to be filled out and by also listing general community resources and national resources that most people have access to. This is a great web portal all about stress.

The warning signs section is laid out nicely in four boxes and there is a nice link to time management tips. These resources are short, but packed full of great information. They do a nice job boiling down all the information to clear, concise points. This is an interactive guide that gives a personal assessment of your stress level based on your answers to a series of questions, then walks you through the four steps to reducing the stress in your life.

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This interactive slideshow has 66 slides taking you through all of the steps of stress management. You can walk through at your own pace and there is audio to accompany the slides. This is an interactive graphic from the American Psychological Association. It lets you click on different parts of the body, then gives explanations about how your mental health can affect your physical health. This is an excellent, extremely compelling podcast all about stress. American Institute of Stress, and more. It is very clear and comprehensive, and does a nice job illustrating common situations for college students.

This 9-page web resource includes interactive quizzes, diagrams, slideshows, tips, and more. This online workshop has 31 pages and takes about 20-40 minutes to complete. There are interactive activites and assessments among the descriptions, suggestions, and resources. This is an interactive quiz that assesses your level of stress and then gives you advice depending on how you answered each question.