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Please forward this error screen to 198. PMOs to focus resources on the work that delivers the it project portfolio management pdf value. Optimize your resources by individual, role, or skillset. Visualize resource constraints and analyze trade-offs through scenario planning.

Centralize your project portfolio and create visibility. Streamline project effort into a single source of truth for integrated and informed decision making. Gain visibility into resource utilization and demand to ensure that the right resources are working on the right projects at the right time. Proactively allocate resources and improve execution across your entire project portfolio. Determine how your project and product portfolios are performing in relation to company goals.

From one central location, manage projects, resources, and the NPD gated process to pick innovative winning products and speed time to market. Achieve visibility into projects and resources to enable governance and improved execution across your organization. Manage work demand through scoring and prioritization of the requests that bring the most value. Align projects to meet business goals with a top-down approach to scoring and prioritizing work. Improve on-time project delivery execution and view resources by role or skill-set and availability to analyze utilization. Get insight with standard metrics, ad-hoc reports, and easily share dashboards with stakeholders. Compare scenarios to ensure the right NPD portfolio mix to achieve your product strategy.

Capture project information that feeds into your PPM Pro projects for tracking and visibility. Cloud-based Project ManagementPPM Pro is globally hosted in Amazon’s EC2 cloud platform and is SOC 2 Type II verified for security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy. Build scenarios to determine highest-value work that can be achieved given budget or labor constraints. Expand your project portfolio management knowledgewith whitepapers, webcasts, analyst reports, and more. Project Portfolio Management What is project portfolio management?

For each individual project, the importance of project management is almost self-explanatory and the benefits of project management are obvious. So, we only have to train our human resources in the discipline of project management in order to improve our ability – as an organization – to work on a higher number of projects more successfully. Resources – especially the well trained – are significantly limited so that we cannot undertake all projects we would like to have. Usually, several projects have to share the same resources.

We reflect on the following questions. Which projects shall we carry out and which ones drop or postpone? How can we structure our organization to optimize the management of resources and thus enable us to work on a higher number of projects? What processes support the management of a portfolio of projects? How can we measure our organizational ability for managing multiple projects?

What can we do to make sure that we have the right people in the right positions in order to achieve successful projects? Project Selection The leading question in project portfolio management is: “How can we make sure that we are doing the right projects? This question leads us into the area of strategy development. More precisely: How can we identify the right projects, i. How can we evaluate and prioritize, initiate, and monitor them? In sub-sections Project Selection and Project Portfolio Dashboard, we follow up on these questions and present some possible answers.