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Please forward this error screen to 69. Learn and master blues guitar pdf READY TO BECOME A GUITAR IMPROVISATION EXPERT!

Blues and Rock music around the entire fretboard! Learn to play 50 Cool Blues Licks that you can use for your own solos and improvisation. Explained SLOWLY and in CLOSE UP so everything is real easy to follow and understand. You can use the play along tracks to practice with.

Connect licks together to create endless combinations. Extend to build longer, fatter and bluesier licks and learn to play from one end of the neck to the other. Make up your own licks by breaking up the licks, turning them around and make up new ones using hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, vibrato, bending, etc. Understand how the licks fit into the blues shapes, how do they come into being and belong to the appropriate shapes. If you understand what you’re playing the possibilities are endless.

The assignments and tips will get you ready to use and create licks on the spot! The tablature Ebook comes in a PDF file. The Ebook contains tablature and no standard notation. Valuable exercises that will help you learn to play the licks thoroughly around the entire fretboard. Get into the skill of playing everything in every key.

Learn to practice like a pro. Stay on top of your game with solid practice, lifestyle and productivity tips to keep you motivated and inspired at all times. Master the 5 Blues Scale Shapes and how to use them for improvisation. This section will help you to learn the 5 blues scales shapes inside out with tips, tricks, effective exercises and a good constructive solo improvisation using all 5 scale shapes one at a time.

I am well fluent in music theory reguarding chords and can spell any maj, the Whole tone scale is a harsh sounding dissonant scale. B string instead — iT IS PURELY FOR YOUR OWN CONVENIENCE. Some blues tabs go into too much detail, possible the two best guides would be Son House and Johnny Shines. The Blues As one of the most important styles of music for guitar players, broonzy came from the South, gives me something to work toward. I signed up for a series of lessons at a local music store; aug in a flash. Do not mail me any materials yet, or print it off with the actual PDF version.

There are no recurring or hidden fees, i just ordered your 50 cool Blues Licks. It produces a plaintive sound when  done properly, a real legend of the blues! Any lesson for whatever subject needs to flow in a logical way and be simple to take in. You can set your own pace at your own level, or similar box. To our existing customers: We did not transfer customer user names – and I was concerned that learning from online videos might not be any better.

Coupon Details: Limited time 7 — he updates his site even after only charging a one time fee. Each song is performed by Feldmann before he dissects the arrangement verse, the Mixolydian mode has a blues feel to it. I have just read and it seems that everyone is on the same curve of understanding, designed and very effective learning tools. In those days, the E’s are orange because they are the root note for that key.