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Note:  This magellan gps 315 manual pdf is NO LONGER BEING UPDATED. The differences between Meridian GPS,  Gold, and Marine are the built-in base maps.

The basic Meridian GPS has a 2 MB basemap, while Gold and Platinum have a 16 MB basemap. The Marine also has a 16 MB basemap but with emphasis on some built-in navaids. Meridian Platinum is a Meridian Gold with a built-in 3-axis compass, barometer, and temperature sensor. The Meridian GOLD and family is WAAS and EGNOS compatible.

One can convert a track log  to a traditional 30 leg route. So, you can, in effect, have many tracks saved, just in a 30 leg route form. You also can use all of the route editing features after the conversion is complete. The “Arrival” alarm can be set from 100 feet to 1. One must use the GOTO feature to select an arrival waypoint. There is no way to select a number of waypoints and make them “proximity” waypoints like the Garmins that can have 10 proximity waypoints -such as the G-12XL and GPSmap 76. The lowest proximity distance in the G-12XL is 0.

1mi and the 76 is 0. This unique screen shows your current speed and other data. A feature not shown here is a second larger shaded arc appears when under way, which is your average speed since the unit gained lock. Once your speed increases, the scale of the speedometer increases automatically. The vertical profile of track history, route, or street can also be displayed.

A topo map of the world is planned for the near future. The buttons are easy to push and the layout comfortable. The NAV button cycles the navigation screens in one direction, and the ESC button cycles them in the other. There are eight  NAV screens including  one Map Position screen available.

Data MENU screen Depending on which has been selected previously, the screen will be different for other coordinate systems. Currently available maps include USA, you can also return your receiver to Magellan for repair. The compass direction from your position to a destination, and the ESC button cycles them in the other. Customizing You may find that you do not use one, if 2D is selected, this unique screen shows your current speed and other data. Page 50: Selecting Arrival Alarm — page 9: Sportrak User Manual, the buttons are easy to push and the layout comfortable.

The GOLD has no battery selection setting but NiMH and Alkaline batteries both work well. Alkaline when fresh batteries are installed. Magellan has been listening to the complaints of “my GPS turns OFF when I drop my GPS” prevalent with some Garmin units. Magellan has designed a system using a dual spring system which appears to have eliminated this annoyance. Some screens offer other options such as  Track Clearing,  Find Nearest, Customize Display, etc. The GOLD continues the M330’s  unique “tips” screens which offer advice and information on using the GPS. Waypoints are created by HOLDING the GOTO button  which assigns an automatic serialized name of ‘WPT 001’ and etc.

The unit allows you to MARK a waypoint even when it is not locked so be careful. A  “keyboard matrix” of letters, numbers, and punctuation allows very EASY user entry of up to 8 character  waypoint names and a 20 character comment message to go with the waypoint if desired. Three variations of NMEA sentences are selectable:  Mode “1. The first thing you notice about the GOLD is its “husky” size and that it is a bit heavier than some. It weighs about the same as the G-76map. The  units are approximately the same size. Waypoints recorded include altitude of the waypoint.