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March 6, 2014 by Malcolm Roach, Open Door Technology Inc. How Many Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics NAV? Why microsoft dynamics erp pdf Microsoft Dynamics NAV so popular?

Once again, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the most popular Microsoft Dynamics product in the world. There are significantly more users of Microsoft Dynamics NAV than any other Microsoft Dynamics product. This article is a review of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and also explores why companies are now asking for Dynamics NAV by name. Microsoft announced that Dynamics NAV added 8,000 new customers in 2013 to reach a total of 102,000. To put it in perspective, that is twice as many new additions as Dynamics GP, which sells into a lower market, and eight times as many as Dynamics AX. The official results for all of the Microsoft Dynamics products were recently released and Dynamics NAV has more than double total customers than the next highest system. When we first started selling Dynamics NAV in 2000, we often had to educate potential customers as to what the product was, despite the fact it was the most popular mid-market accounting and ERP system in the rest of the world.

Now we are finding most people have heard of Dynamics NAV and many are asking specifically for it and nothing else. Dynamics NAV is a multi-dimensional product with many strengths. Typically, mid-market systems follow one of two approaches. Either high levels of functionality with minimal customization capability, or a system that can be configured to fit unique business requirements.

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Dynamics NAV is unusual in that it has legitimate strategies for both. Companies that require configuration and customization find Dynamics NAV a willing and effective partner. One of the greatest advantages of Dynamics NAV, especially when moving into a market segment populated by custom-built systems, is the level of investment from Microsoft. Technology changes rapidly and it is extremely difficult for mid-size software companies to keep up.

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