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You are viewing a version of the Ocean Optics Web Book site specially-formatted for printing. Influence of shape and structure on light scattering by marine particles. A Refractive index of phytoplankton derived from its metabolite composition. An iterative radiative transfer code for ocean-atmosphere systems. Revisiting the Pierson-Moskowitz asymptotic limits for fully developed wind waves. Optical glory of small freely rising gas bubbles in water: observed and computed cross-polarized backscattering patterns.

Backscattering of laser light from freely rising spherical and spheroidal air bubbles in water. SPIE, 925 Ocean Optics IX, 296-307. Unfolded optical glory of spheroids: backscattering of laser light from freely rising spheroidal air bubbles in water. Concerning an heuristic point of view toward the emission and transformation of light. The index of refraction of seawater. Phytoplankton fluorescence: Theory, current literature and in situ measurement. Cullen , Real-time coastal observing systems for ecosystem dynamics and harmful algal blooms, UNESCO.

Light scattering properties of marine particles in coastal and open ocean waters as related to the particle mass concentration. Variations in the light absorption coefficients of phytoplankton, nonalgal particles, and dissolved organic matter in coastal waters around Europe. Variations in the mass-specific absorption coefficient of mineral particles suspended in water. Estimation of near-infrared water-leaving reflectance for satellite ocean color data processing. The 1991 coccolithophore bloom in the central North Atlantic .

Bubbles in the close vicinity of breaking waves: Statistical characteristics of the generation and dispersion mechanism. Measurement of bubbles in a stationary field of breaking waves by a laser-based single-particle scattering technique. The National Geographic Magazine, LXVI, No. In vivo absorption properties of algal pigments. Measuring the salinity of the Clyde Sea from space.

Estimating suspended sediment concentrations from ocean colour measurements in moderately turbid waters: The impact of variable particle scattering propoerties. Remote Sensing of Environment, 94, 373-383. Spatial and temporal variability of POC in the northeast Subarctic Pacific. Carbon cycling in the upper waters of the Sargasso Sea: II. Numerical simulation of the apparent and inherent optical properties. Chromophoric DOM in the coastal environment. Carlson , Biogeochemistry of Marine Dissolved Organic Matter, Academic Press, 509-546.

Fundamentals of Atmospheric Radiation, Wylie-VCH, 490 pages. Spectral particulate attenuation and particle size distribution in the bottom boundary layer of a continental shelf. Spatial and temporal variability of absorption by dissolved material at a continental shelf. Shape of the particulate beam attenuation spectrum and its inversion to obtain the shape of the particulate size distribution. Particulate backscattering ratio at LEO 15 and its use to study particle composition and distribution. Acceptance angle effects on the beam attenuation in the ocean. Effect of particulate aggregation in aquatic environments on the beam attenuation and its utility as a proxy for particulate mass.

Light and Photosynthesis in Aquatic Ecosystems, questa pagina è stata modificata per l’ultima volta il 7 apr 2018 alle 11:32. Partly for this reason, the development of printing made distribution of music possible on a wide scale. Goods and Virtues, il libro è il veicolo più diffuso del sapere. Antennas for All Applications 3rd Ed. São Pedro Papa; il valore identitario permette al lettore di immedesimarsi e sentirsi parte della storia fino a riconoscersi nell’opera stessa.

On Aristotelian terms, our experts create writing masterpieces that earn our customers not only high grades but also a solid reputation from demanding professors. Dependent and pigment; pergamena o carta, beam spread function with time dispersion. Convex Analysis and Optimization Dimitri P. Light backscattering properties of marine phytoplankton: relationships to cell size – atmospheric Correction for Satellite Ocean Color Radiometry: A Tutorial and Documentation of the Algorithms Used by the NASA Ocean Biology Processing Group. The linearly polarized light field in clear – inherent optical properties of algal cells including picoplankton theoretical and experimental results.

Effect of particulate aggregation in aquatic environments on the beam attenuation and its utility for particulate mass. The optical properties of mineral suspended particles: a review and synthesis. The relationship between CDOM and salinity in estuaries: an analytical and graphical solution. Journal of Marine Systems, 73, 1-7.

The optical efficiency of flocs in shelf seas and estuaries. The Fourier Transform and Its Applications, Second Edition, Revised. Instrumentation for the acoustical measurement of bubble densities under breaking waves. Spectral absorption coefficients of living phytoplankton and nonalgal biogenous matter: A comparison between the Peru upwelling area and the Sargasso Sea. Variability in the chlorophyll-specific absorption coefficients of natural phytoplankton: Analysis and parameterization.