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Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. This article includes a list of references, but its musical symbols and their meanings pdf remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. This article possibly contains original research.

This article needs additional citations for verification. The teaching of sign languages to the deaf was discouraged between 1880 and 1891 in France, contributing to Solresol’s descent into obscurity. After a few years of popularity, Solresol nearly vanished in the face of more successful languages, such as Volapük and Esperanto. The seven conventional notes, colors, syllables, numerals, and glyphs used to convey solresol phonemes. Solresol words are made from one to five syllables or notes. Each of these may be one of only seven basic phonemes, which may in turn be accented or lengthened.

There is another phoneme, silence, which is used to separate words: words cannot be run together as they are in English. Words of Solresol are formed by connecting the symbols in the order they appear in the word. In Solresol morphology, the longer words are divided into categories of meaning, based on their first syllable, or note. Feminine words are formed by accenting the last syllable, and plurals by lengthening it. A unique feature of Solresol is that meanings are negated by reversing the syllables in words. For instance fala means good or tasty, and lafa means bad.

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It is unclear how this interacts with the way words are categorized by their first note, and is not true in all instances, such as young man, bachelor and of not being opposites. Feminine versions are formed by stressing the last syllable. Apart from stress and length, solresol words are not inflected. Word order is also rather strict. This only affects the first word in a noun phrase. Questions are formed by inverted subject and verb.

The various tense-and-mood particles are the double syllables, as given in vocabulary above. In addition, passive verbs are formed with faremi between this particle and the verb. The subjunctive is formed with mire before the pronoun. The negative do only appears once in the clause, before the word it negates. Depiction of John Curwen’s Solfege hand signs used in Tonic sol-fa. This version includes the tonal tendencies and interesting titles for each tone.