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Your information will never be sold, nor shared without your permission. Discover how to harness your life force energy through Qigong to boost your vitality, rejuvenate your spirit, strengthen your immune system even slow aging. Begin working with the vibrational patterns of sound healing to activate the self-healing powers of your organ systems. Many of the world’s greatest healing practices were developed over thousands of years by ancient Qigong masters in China.

Their capacity to heal body and mind through focusing on life force energy is now legendary — and eminently practical. Some of the most important methods that evolved are based on working with sound — vibrational patterns that dislodge and shift stagnant or blocked energy in the body. When we experience trauma or even everyday stressors, we often accumulate dense and blocked energy, which can persist for decades and eventually manifest as disease. Greater flow of energy throughout your body, which in turn increases immune system function and overall good health. A few minutes a day of this type of focused practice can have dramatic effects on your happiness, wellbeing, stress levels, and even on longstanding health issues. For instance, if you’ve been experiencing stress, insomnia, or a chronic illness like Lyme disease, Parkinson’s, or depression, concentrating your Qigong practice on your lungs and respiratory system can help release and open the flow of energy to renew vitality.

The healing sounds for the lungs also focus on emotional wellbeing, transforming emotions of sadness into compassion for self. As the lungs get healthier, all the organ systems can function better. The gift of Qigong is that it helps us come back into our bodies to heal in mind, body, and heart every day over a lifetime. That’s because it delivers results and fits fairly easily into traditional medical paradigms that embrace sound treatments. And the Western medical establishment has taken notice. There’s now a growing body of scientific data supporting the wisdom of this ancient lineage and the quantifiable results it delivers. In Qigong for Rejuvenating Your Immune System, you’ll have the opportunity to master essential daily practices from Wisdom Healing Qigong — the specific lineage taught in this program — that will help you take better energetic care of your body and establish a new baseline of health and a long and vibrant life.

Along with every class session, you’ll receive an extra 10-minute video that will demonstrate how to combine breath, movement, and focused intention with sound to create healing interventions that address specific areas of pain, disease, and dysfunction. As you discover which sounds address which organ systems, you can awaken the biological and energetic resiliency of your entire system — an important foundation for healing and wholeness. In Chinese medicine, imbalances in the organs and elements within the body are seen as the root of almost all disease, creating opportunities for illness through weakened immune function, low energy, and stagnant chi. As you work with the subtle energies connected to different organs, you’ll become more adept at creating a healing, nourishing, and balanced flow throughout your body so that you can better prevent disease, boost vitality — and even slow aging. During Qigong for Rejuvenating Your Immune System, you’ll have the special privilege of studying with Master Mingtong Gu, one of the world’s preeminent teachers of Qigong for more than 20 years. Master Gu is renowned for his teachings and healings with people of all ages, including many living with trauma, illness, and aging challenges.

Through The Chi Center, the organization now based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Master Gu has trained thousands of students and teachers to work with chi in ways that produce tangible, real-world results. Over seven weeks, you’ll take a journey with Master Gu into Wisdom Healing Qigong fundamental teachings, gentle movements, ancient healing sounds, and meditations. You’ll benefit not only from his verbal teachings but also from exercise demonstrations on video that present the proper movements, sounds, and ways to direct the flow of energy. You’ll discover how to circulate chi to weaker parts of your body and deepen your understanding of the energetic connections between your body, emotions, and spirit.

These principles of energetic healing can help you address and heal any underlying issues that can result in imbalance, disharmony, and disease. Through live streaming video, Master Gu will illuminate the philosophical and practical components of working with chi — and give you simple practices and positions that allow you to connect with the energy that supports and nourishes your heart, body, mind, and spirit. Qigong for Rejuvenating Your Immune System is ideal for those who would like to move their lives into joy and health while releasing stress and exhaustion, low energy, worry, and blocked creativity and overwhelm. So you can better connect with Master Gu and his teachings, all of his sessions will be live streamed on video. This video connection will be easy to use and will enhance the impact of Master Gu’s teaching.

Or, you can easily connect via audio, either through the Internet or your phone. During the 7-week program, Master Mingtong Gu will joyfully guide you through the role of chi energy and how to connect heart, mind, and body to cultivate abundant chi flow to enhance your health, happiness, and daily life. Master Gu has selected Wisdom Healing Qigong teachings focused on rejuvenating your immune system, and will guide you in the steps to explore this powerful Qigong lineage and create your own Qigong practice for fostering vibrant health and wellbeing. A session with Master Gu — a favorite feature! A invites students to communicate with this renowned master one on one to personalize their health questions and concerns, and to receive support for incorporating the teachings into their personal practice. Each weekly session, which includes a short video practice that’s recorded and available to you for home use, will help you to develop a practice of your own. If you are unable to attend live, you’ll receive class recordings, transcripts, and supplemental materials so you can still experience the full benefits of the program.

In spite of the many conveniences of modern living, people are experiencing deep stress and health challenges that are placing unrelenting workloads on their immune systems. While a weary mind-body may be the new normal for many, we’ll explore how Qigong offers an alternative by rejuvenating your immune system. Your body functions much better when it has time to relax. We’ll explore how to deeply relax anytime, even when you feel busy, worried, or exhausted, so that your mind, body, and heart connect in harmony, as one. We’ll start a relaxing practice that includes healing sounds to open the heart, releasing the busy mind from past events and concerns. We’ll demonstrate the Spinal Bone Marrow practice of the Awaken Vitality Method to align, relax, and strengthen the spine — a resilient spine supports better communications between the organs, body, brain, and immune system. As we delve into the teachings that help you cultivate a deeper connection with the life force or chi field that flows within and around us, we can begin our journey to discover new vitality for health and wellness of mind, body, and heart.