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Click on a target picture below to get the PDF now, or scroll down for more details. The three-shot target is designed for higher capacity handguns or those who carry spare magazines. The two-shot target is designed for lower capacity semi-automatics and revolvers. The zipper targets are designed to uniformly distribute the available shots up a 24″ torso. You start shooting at the lower aim point first, and then work your way up. These targets are printed on three pieces of standard 8.

Tape or staple the three pages together or onto the target backer as shown here, and you’ve got an inexpensive, full size target that is perfect for zipper training. Hint: When printing, select “Page Scaling: None”. The targets are designed to minimize ink usage so the mannequin is omitted from the printable target. Here is a downloadable shot diagnostic target you can print and take to the range. This PDF download has two pages: One for right-handed shooters and one for left-handed shooters.

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