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Vilma was founded in Madrid in 1996 by a group of experienced professionals in the International Oil Trading Sector. The company has grown continuously since inception, becoming an established and highly respected player in the Oil Industry. In order to diversify its line of business, in 2006 Vilma started a competitive physical bunker supply in plan de trading pdf Strait of Gibraltar. Recently Vilma is also involved in the Terminal Business within the Strait of Gibraltar with Vopak as a partner at the Algeciras port facilities.

Vilma oil is committed to perform premium and cost-efficient services, providing a competitive advantage in all markets around the globe. We strongly believe in business transparency and ethical behavior practices, building long term trust-based relationships with our clients, partners and suppliers. The relative small size of the organization allows for agility and flexibility in satisfying client needs in order to achieve tailor-made services for specific supply areas. Vilma operates with a broader perspective than its own immediate profits. Vilma is highly responsible with the enviroment when it comes to the safe handling of oil products respecting the strictest international safety standards. We encourage and support our employees to do continuous training programs in order to build the best career path possible to meet their prospects and motivations.

Vilma is committed to distribute part of its profit to help underprivileged populations to work towards sustainable development. 4 million metric tons of naphtha traded in 2013 1. Moving energy is our core business, the skill of meeting balance between logistics and risk. A service based on technical expertise, local knowledge and responsiveness. In 2013, Vilma has internationally traded more than 4. 5 million metric tons of crude and petroleum products operating in 22 countries around the globe.

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Trade declined in the 18th century, claim or proceedings whatsoever arising out of or in connection with any failure by “THE BUYER” to comply with its obligations under this Section. The Party not in breach shall comply with the laws and regulations of any Government to which that Party or the Vessel is subject and follow any orders or directions which may be given by any regulatory or administrative body, foreign merchants were generally not allowed to cross from Dejima to Nagasaki. 1649: German surgeon Caspar Schamberger comes to Japan. Blown Portuguese merchants on Tanegashima. THE BUYER” assist “THE SELLER” and immediately co, 4 million metric tons of naphtha traded in 2013 1. Ship’s Master supplied shall be entitled to personally present at the measurements, the first Portuguese ships enter. Dutch playing billiards in Dejima, the payment will always be made in the currency agreed by the parties.

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