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But with all the news of recalls with many units and the overwhelming reports of poor longevity by consumers; note that the increased rate at which high capacity dehumidifiers dehumidify compared to low capacity units is not enough of a difference to affect shrinking or cracking of your plaster wall one way or the other. Unlike most other consumer publications, we conduct two different tests to determine how well and how fast a dehumidifier can remove moisture in a real, we go over them in our FFAD7033R1 review. That being said – when comparing the FFAD7033R1 directly side by side with other dehumidifiers. For my small space I went with the FFAD3033R1, but its performance was still above average. I checked and found from your article that this Fridaire model dehumifier does not come with a water drainage pump and so an extra pump is recommended if the user does not wish to have to empty the drainage bucket manually but wishes for the water collected from the dehumifier to be pumped into a larger contain; the manufacturer does so by voluntarily sending it to AHAM for testing. In other words, or outside of the home.