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Please forward this error screen to 208. It is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding but it is also very rewarding. This requires a significant personal police job application pdf in terms of time and money.

You should consult the website of the force you wish to join to find out if they require you to have registered for, or have completed, the CKP prior to submitting your application. This tool helps you to explore your suitability for the role of police constable and to make a reasonably informed decision about whether or not to undertake the CKP or submit an application for the role of a police constable. It serves as a guide rather than a definitive statement about your suitability. It should take about 45 minutes of your time to complete and you should do it in one sitting. However, please note that some forces may have additional eligibility requirements. We advise you make sure you meet these criteria before you commit your time and money to undertake the CKP or before submitting an application form for the role of a police constable. You will get an idea from answering the questions and from the information in this section.

You will be informed, and sometimes presented with extra information, if your answer indicates that you do not or may not meet a requirement. Have you ever been convicted for any offence or had any formal cautions by police for any offence or any bind-overs imposed by any court? Note, these include traffic convictions, fixed penalties for motoring or disorder offences, anti-social behaviour orders and any appearances before a court martial. Criminal convictions Convictions or cautions will not necessarily preclude you from appointment.

A number of your preferences did not match what we are looking for in our police constables — politics You are not eligible to apply for the police service at this time. Complete an application form The application form asks you to demonstrate, you will be invited to respond to a number of policing scenarios. Contact the Recruitment and Selection Unit: Start your career today! It will depend on their nature and the circumstances of the offence. Just and people, police Force is to complete the online application above and attend an applicant processing event.

Or body modifications to the hands, the National Front or any similar organisation? It has taken him a little while to get used to the shift work, here are some safety tips to keep you safe. How much do you now want to be a police constable? Her favourite part of the job is patrolling the streets, do you have any tattoos or facial piercings?

It will depend on their nature and the circumstances of the offence. Note that any criminal convictions of your relatives and associates could affect your application. Click the PDF button for the guidelines. You are not eligible to apply for the police at this time.

Under Police Regulations 2003, candidates from outside the EEA are required to have leave to enter or leave to remain in the UK for an indefinite period. Such applicants must reside in the UK free of restrictions or have an entitlement to do so. Police forces require a three year checkable history. This is due to difficulties often faced with gaining vetting checks from overseas, to the extent required for those who have been resident in the UK. Will you have resided continuously in the UK for the three year period immediately prior to your application to join the police service, with any absence from the UK being no more than six months during this time? Note that applicants serving in the British armed forces or on UK Government Service are considered to have been resident in the UK.

Residency You may not be eligible to apply for the police at this time. However, the nature, location, prominence and appearance of tattoos will be considered by the force you apply to. Similarly, the prominence and location of facial piercings will be considered as to whether they may undermine the dignity and authority of the police officer and whether there may be implications for an officer’s safety. Do you have any tattoos or facial piercings? Although there is no upper age limit for appointment, the compulsory retirement age for a police constable is 60 and new recruits are required to undertake a two year probationary period.

The police must ensure they are getting an adequate return on their investment. Will you be 18 or over and under 57 years of age when you complete the CKP and submit an application for police constable? Age You may not eligible to apply for the police at this time. The police force you wish to apply to will decide whether to accept an applicant aged 57 or over.