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Google, for example, has done some things to achieve this through its books. Principia mathematica newton pdf english, like most other efforts at digitally copying non digital materials, “mistakes were made”.

Most of the works available here were made by repairing the imperfect Google scans. Other sources of texts include the Digital Library of India , the former Sansknet project, the Gallica website, the Babson website and others, as well as privately owned public domain material. The scans of the Almagest distributed here are not part of the Google project. Google’s scans of the Almagest are, quite frankly, horrendous and unuseable.

The best of them contain dozens of unreadable or missing pages. The scans released here were made from a set of photocopies I made of Prof. The PDFs of the manuscripts of al-Khazini’s Zij as-Sanjari were made from photocopies that were kindly given to me by the late Dr. Added a copy of the Grammar of the Homeric Dialect. I-VIII of Heiberg’s Euclid from ECHO. I am unable to find volume IX on ECHO.

Added a link to an ISO mirror of the sansknet. Added a link to Cambridge Library Reprints. Added a high resolution copy of the the Latin editio princeps of Euclid’s Elements by Campanus- Preclarissimus liber elementorum Euclidis perspicacissimi. Added a local copy of a short autobiography of David E. Pingree, edited by William Calder III. Added two additional copies of Edmund Halley’s Conics of Apollonius, as well as a version of the Conics by Isaac Barrow. Marsilio FIcino’s Platonis Dialogi Latine iuxta Interpretationem Ficini Aliorumque.

Added a collection, which was provided to me, of 28 mostly Greek mathematical works. The editions have been run through OCR . Added a second copy of VOL IX of Heiberg’s Euclid. Added various editions of Homer by Riddell, Monro and others.

Added Marchant’s edition of Thucydides, another copy of Haas’ Latin translation of Thucydides, and several more editions of Ficino’s Latin translation of Plato. Added a link to a local mirror of www. Quran and Van Dyke Arabic bible. Added another copy of Heath’s translation of Euclid. Much higher quality than the version available at Google books.

Added Valla’s Latin translation of Thucydides. The Vatican Library is making some of its manuscripts available online. Added Procli Diadochi Hypotyposis astronomicarum positionum. Added Manitius’ edtion of Proclus’ Hypotyposis astronomicarum positionum. Added a biography of Otto Neugebauer by Noel Swerdlow. Added corrected versions of Schlegel’s Gita and Ramayana, as well as Riddell’s Apology of Plato.

Added a A TeX transcription of books 10-12 of the Zij as-Sanjari of Al-Khazini I made several years ago. Added a second Arabic edition of the Fihrist of Ibn al-Nadim. Added a Latin translation of Proclus’ commentary on Euclid I: Procli Diadochi Philosophi Platonici ac Mathematici Probatissimi in Primum Eulcidis Elementorum Librorum Commentarium. Added the 1880 Tehran edition of Nasir al-Din al-Tusi’s tahrir of Euclid’s Elements.

Added The Method of Archimedes – Recently Discovered by Heiberg . Added 13 titles from the Allen and Greenough Latin series, including Caesar, Cicero, Livy, Ovid and Tacitus. Jebb’s “school” edition of the Oedipus Rex. Latin translation of the first two books of the Ramayana. Added Euclidis Elementorum libri XV una cum scholiis antiquis a Frederico Commandino nuper in Latinum conversi. Added The Commentary of Hipparchus on the Phaenomena of Aratus and Eudoxus in Three Books. 1831 from the Million Books Project.