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If you are growing marijuana hydroponically, it’s crucial to know what kind of schedule running room learn to run schedule pdf expect. This article covers what to expect when growing marijuana plants hydroponically, starting with the very first week of the vegetation stage. Seedlings therefore already need to have a number of internodes and cuttings must be well rooted.

It’s a good idea to check out the entirety of the schedule before you even begin your grow season. Germinate your seeds in rockwool cubes so you can transplant them easily to your hydro system. All images in this article are powered by Bergmanslab. All of the above environmental aspects need to be maintained during that time. If you are having trouble keeping it warm enough, use a fish tank heater to warm it up. For water that is too warm, simply add more water. Keep in mind that the pump itself will also be generating heat, so proceed accordingly.

Because this is the first week of the vegetative phase, it’s important to remember that plants use lots and lots of nitrogen. Therefore, make sure your fertilizer of choice has a lot of nitrogen. Flower Power Start is the product specifically used in this schedule, but anything with lots of nitrogen should be fine. The TDS values and pH level need to be balanced before you add the plants into the system and buckets.

The TDS values drop as your plants use up nutrients, and that makes the pH levels rise. Make sure the roots are also maintaining health. Be sure that, after this first week is over, their length is around the same as the plant’s height. Brown roots could be having root rot or could mean the water in your system is dirty. Your plants will be quite small during this phase, and they will be adjusting to the amount of light.

For that reason, use MH lamps now instead of HPS lights, since MH lamps give more light that is in the white or blue part of the spectrum, which is better for early growth. Keep up the humidity levels by spraying your plants with a plant spray on a daily basis. Waterproof floors can also be sprayed to add some moisture to the space. If your floors aren’t waterproof, you can cover them with a pond liner or something else to make the surface waterproof.

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