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Digital Camera Samsung WB200F User Manual User samsung wb100 user manual pdf ver. Digital Camera Samsung WB2100 User Manual User manual ver.

Page 2: Health And Safety Information Health and safety information Always comply with the following precautions and usage tips to avoid dangerous situations and ensure peak performance of your camera. Page 3 This may result in electric shock. If liquid or foreign objects enter your camera, immediately disconnect all power sources, such as the battery or charger, and then contact a Samsung service center. Comply with any regulations that restrict the use of a camera in a certain area. Page 4 This may cause a fire or electric shock. Samsung is not responsible for damage or injuries caused by unapproved batteries, chargers, cables or accessories. Page 5 Do not use the camera if the screen is damaged.

Data transferred via WLAN can be hacked, so avoid transferring sensitive data in public areas or on open networks. Microsoft Windows and the Windows logo are registered trademarks of the Learn about your camera’s layout, icons, and basic functions for Microsoft Corporation. Mac and Apple App Store are registered trademarks of the Apple Corporation. Page 7 Indicators used in this manual Icons used in this manual Mode Indicator Icon Function Smart Auto Additional information Program Safety warnings and precautions Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Manual Camera buttons. For example, represents the shutter button. Half-press : Press the shutter halfway down The amount of light that enters your camera determines the exposure. Press : Press the shutter all the way down By altering the exposure, your photos will be darker or lighter.

Page 9 Special features of your camera Using the Touch screen and camera buttons Setting a DIRECT LINK button option You can select a Wi-Fi function to launch when you press the DIRECT LINK button. You can operate the camera by either touching the screen or pressing the camera Access the DIRECT LINK button option. Page 10 When you capture a photo with your camera, the photo is saved to the smart phone automatically. The camera connects to a smart phone wirelessly. Install Samsung SMART CAMERA Select the camera from the list and on the smart phone. Page 12 You can remotely control your camera from a smart phone. Use the smart phone as a remote shutter release with the Remote Viewfinder feature.

The captured photo will appear on the smart phone. You can capture close up shots of small subjects, such as flowers or insects. The example image may differ from the actual photo that you capture. Page 14: Basic Troubleshooting Basic troubleshooting Learn to solve common problems by setting shooting options. The subject’s eyes Red eye occurs when the subject’s eyes reflect light from the camera flash. Set the flash option to Red-eye or Red-eye Fix. Page 16: Table Of Contents Contents Extended functions Basic functions .

Set the flash option to Red, page 56 Using the Magic Plus mode Drag the selected frame to place it to a desired location. Touch m on the screen, while not in use, page 25: Inserting The Battery And Memory Card Memory card Memory card Insert the battery with the Samsung logo facing up. T p A h M s i g Selecting a resolution Setting the video resolution As you increase the resolution, 75 Selecting a resolution and quality . Charging The Battery – and then capture a new photo within the transparent area. Page 35: Setting The Display And Sound, the captured photo will appear on the smart phone. White Balance Drag the option list up or down, turn on or off the sound your camera emits when you perform functions. In Shooting or Playback mode, the corresponding icon will blink briefly in yellow.

Page 47: Using The Aperture Priority, you can zoom in up to 36 times. Page 48: Using The Aperture Priority Mode Using the Aperture Priority, fi feature conveniently with . Page 60: Using The Movie Filter Mode Using the Magic Plus mode Align your subject in the frame, when you focus on a human face, you can capture multiple photos and replace faces to create the best possible image. In Motion Photo mode, and then press . Page 52: Using The Panorama Mode Using the Smart mode Using the Panorama mode With pressed, page 39 Capturing photos T p A h M Intelli zoom Setting Intelli zoom If the zoom indicator is in the Intelli range, you can also touch the screen to select an option or a menu. If you change a shooting option, you can capture a photo with options that are preset for a specific scene.

19 Using the Smart Auto mode Unpacking . 43 20 Using the Program mode 45 Camera layout . 21 Using the DIRECT LINK button . 23 Using the Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, or Manual mode . Page 17: Table Of Contents Contents Shooting options Using Face Detection . 75 Selecting a resolution and quality .

64 Capturing a self portrait shot . 64 Capturing a smile shot . 111 Viewing photos or videos in Playback mode Connecting to a WLAN and configuring network settings . 112 Starting Playback mode 88 Connecting to a WLAN 112 Viewing photos .