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Please forward this error screen to 62. Know what’s next when you read AAP Journals, view the new silvia y bruno pdf Catalog. Trainees, enter the SOPT Essay Contest for a chance to be published in Pediatrics! SCs among high school seniors in the United States.

Through an ED visit registry created from 7 pediatric EDs, we demonstrate racial and ethnic differences in unnecessary antibiotic use for treatment of viral infections. A novel 3-protein host-assay’s diagnostic performance for distinguishing between bacterial and viral etiologies is validated in a double-blind, investigator-driven study in febrile children. In this article, we present the outcomes of repeated screening for postpartum depression in WCC at both the mother and child levels. This study reveals rates of and disparities in intense end-of-life care in pediatric oncology patients at the population level. Health insurance claims data do not identify all preterm infants, but they can be used to estimate aggregate expenditures associated with preterm births. Through data on Medicaid claims and payments, this study reports perioperative health care resource use and spending for children undergoing spinal fusion for scoliosis.

Upper and lower respiratory tract infections during the first 2 years of life are associated with a higher risk of CD in at-risk newborns. This study reveals the effects of comprehensive state legislation, including stringent age restrictions, on preventing ORV injuries in children. Through comparison of HEU and HUU children’s neurodevelopment, we examine the effect of in-utero HIV exposure on neurodevelopment among 24-month-old uninfected children. Continuous subcutaneous glucose monitoring and a computer-based algorithm guide the titration of glucose infusion reducing both hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia and glucose variability of very preterm infants.

This cross-sectional study explores national trends in ED use of diagnostic imaging for nontraumatic abdominal pain from 2007 to 2014. Using POX plus cardiac auscultation can significantly improve the detection rate of major CHD in the early neonatal stage. Population-based cohort study to assess impact of GA on morbidity and mortality in preterm and term infants with CCHD. Can a sports mentorship improve the mental health of healthy adolescents? This RCT provides more robust evidence to this question.

EDs without a trauma designation that treat a high proportion of children with Medicaid insurance are more likely to transfer than admit injured children. This literature-based expert consensus review presents the definition, scope, genesis, evolution, and models of GCH partnerships, including benefits and challenges, guiding principles and core practices. In this special article, we summarize key scientific findings on LGBTQ bullying and recommendations for clinical care, research, intervention, and policy. A psychiatrist is asked to evaluate whether an adolescent has become radicalized and is a danger to others. A clinical pathway emphasizing ORT and ondansetron for children with AGE led to decreased IV fluid use and LOS in a pediatric ED over 10 years.

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