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Please forward this error screen to 199. Please spread spectrum modulation techniques pdf this error screen to 72. This article may be too technical for most readers to understand.

Please help improve it to make it understandable to non-experts, without removing the technical details. In general telecommunications, modulation is a process of conveying message signal, for example, a digital bit stream or an analog audio signal, inside another signal that can be physically transmitted. A modulator is a device that performs modulation. TV signal, over an analog bandpass channel at a different frequency, for example over a limited radio frequency band or a cable TV network channel. The aim of digital baseband modulation methods, also known as line coding, is to transfer a digital bit stream over a baseband channel, typically a non-filtered copper wire such as a serial bus or a wired local area network. The aim of pulse modulation methods is to transfer a narrowband analog signal, for example, a phone call over a wideband baseband channel or, in some of the schemes, as a bit stream over another digital transmission system. In music synthesizers, modulation may be used to synthesize waveforms with an extensive overtone spectrum using a small number of oscillators.

In analog modulation, the modulation is applied continuously in response to the analog information signal. In digital modulation, an analog carrier signal is modulated by a discrete signal. Digital modulation methods can be considered as digital-to-analog conversion and the corresponding demodulation or detection as analog-to-digital conversion. Computers may, however, communicate over a telephone line by means of modems, which are representing the digital bits by tones, called symbols. According to one definition of digital signal, the modulated signal is a digital signal. It can be seen as a two-channel system, each channel using ASK. The resulting signal is equivalent to a combination of PSK and ASK.

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