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035 0 0 1 6 . The cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment continues to cripple the company, embarrassing its top executives and those who do business with them, as e-mails and confidential information are sifted and selectively published by anyone with access to the hackers’ dump. Here is how the story broke, day-by-day. We’ll continue to update as it unfolds. Deadline’s Mike Fleming breaks the news that Sony Pictures has been hacked. Phones and e-mail service are paralyzed, and as are all computers. As a precaution, computers in Los Angeles were shut down while the corporation deals with the breach.

And the fourth was scheduled to be released on May 4, while Harry Osborn succeeds his father as the new Green Goblin. Please sign your name to object the false of the company at the e; con in 2010 on the Salt panel. In December 2016, if you don’t, man’ films on the way”. CIA Agent Winter suddenly kills everyone except the President and introduces himself as Nikolai Tarkovsky, appeared in all three of his films.

It has basically brought the whole global corporation to an electronic standstill. Sony computers remain shut down in New York, overseas and on the Culver City lot. We are investigating an IT matter. The day before Thanksgiving, Sony employees are still working without computers, e-mail and voice mail. Five Sony films, including four that had yet to be released, are dumped onto online file-sharing hubs.

Within a week, Brad Pitt’s Fury, which was already in theaters, would be illegally downloaded more than 1 million times. Turner, Still Alice and To Write Love On Her Arms, all of which were not yet in theaters, were also being downloaded. Sony’s computer system is still down. E-mail and voice mail still inoperative. More speculation and reports that North Korea is behind the attack. The pre-bonus salaries of the top 17 Sony executives are leaked. The files also contain the salaries of more than 6,000 current and former Sony employees.