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For the Swedish king, see Gustav I of The life of olaudah equiano pdf. Olaudah Equiano, frontpiece from The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano. Igbo region of what is today southeastern Nigeria according to his memoir, or from South Carolina according to other sources.

Enslaved as a child, Equiano purchased his own freedom in 1766. Sons of Africa, an abolitionist group composed of well-known Africans living in Britain, and he was active among leaders of the anti-slave trade movement in the 1780s. As a freedman in London, he supported the British abolitionist movement. Protestant Christian and found peace in his faith. After settling in London, Equiano married an English woman named Susannah Cullen in 1792 and they had two daughters. In Virginia, Equiano was bought in 1754 by Michael Pascal, a lieutenant in the Royal Navy. Pascal renamed the boy “Gustavus Vassa”, after the Swedish noble who had become Gustav I of Sweden, king in the sixteenth century.

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