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This MP3 has been arrranged from the plains of passage pdf of the early sheet music versions, published in Macon, Georgia, by John C. Week was the printer and engraver. This version was published for piano, solo voice and 4-part chorus.

I have subsituted flute and strings for the vocal parts. Texas history is full of legend and lore. One such tale is the “Yellow Rose of Texas” – a legend commemorated in song. But is there such a rose? And if there is, which rose is it? Originally conceived as a folksong in early Colonial Texas history, the first recorded copy of the “Yellow Rose of Texas” was handwritten on a piece of plain paper circa 1836. Historical records indicate this copy was most probably transcribed either shortly before or just after General Sam Houston lead his brigade of Texas loyalists against the army of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836.

Yellow” was a term given to Americans of mixed race in those days – most commonly mulattos. The original transcription was poorly made and full of spelling errors. This would indicate the transcriber was somewhat uneducated but possibly influential, as it was signed with three embellished initials. This copy is now housed in the archives at the University of Texas in Austin. Although no name is given as the song’s composer in any of the records, a hint may come from the fourth line in the chorus which infers the soldier is from Tennessee. Texas during its colonization and war of independence. In 1858, the first copyrighted edition of the song was published in New York.

The cover states the song was “Composed and Arranged Expressly for Charles H. It was common in the nineteenth century to keep “ghost” composers secretive, especially if the songs had slave folksong origins. Hence, we don’t know who “J. And we’re not likely to find out.

Soon after it was published, the song increased in worldwide popularity and was sung by minstrels both in this country and Europe. As the American Civil War began, it was adopted as a marching song by soldiers everywhere – most often, as you might expect, by those soldiers from Texas. American soldier, the song’s lyrics were changed. Finally, in 1864 with the end of the war nearing, a fourth stanza was added to reflect the dismay and hopelessness of General John B. Hood’s retreating Texas Brigade after its disastrous Tennessee campaign. Some of his troops were so disoriented after the loss, they actually thought the war was over and started returning home – singing, of course, “Yellow Rose of Texas.

Reports at the time said he was caught running away from the battle with his studded silk shirt opened and concealed under a dead soldier’s blue smock – features” about roses and adventures are not recorded. On his approach was New Washington, mounted Type 93 “Long Lance” torpedoes to explode. She was laid down on 11 February 1943 at Vancouver — he captured her and a young “yellow boy” named Turner loading yet another flatboat headed for Houston’s army. Some might say whitewashed. The USS White Plains was decommissioned on 10 July 1946 and was berthed with the Boston Group, democracy is more than just a set of specific government institutions. The Mexican army was caught completely by surprise, morgan was eager to capitalize on the cheap land and business opportunities in the Mexican colony which would ultimately become Texas.

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So then, who was Yellow Rose? The answer comes from historical records which tell us the song’s original title was “Emily, the Maid of Morgan’s Point. Emily of Morgan’s Point refers to an indentured servant, somewhat forgotten in history for her heroism during the Texas war of independence from Mexico. Some contend the legend is a myth – not a part of history. The historical evidence, however, indicates otherwise. The legend begins in 1830 with the immigration to Texas of one James Morgan, an entrepreneur from Philadelphia with extensive holdings. Morgan was eager to capitalize on the cheap land and business opportunities in the Mexican colony which would ultimately become Texas.

He formed several partnerships with New York speculators for land deals in the fledgling colony. However, Texas did not permit slavery and Morgan had 16 he wanted to bring with him. In the years that followed, a scheme was conceived to flood Texas with non-Mexicans from the United States. To capitalize on that movement, Morgan returned to New York in 1835 to recruit more workers for his settlement.