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Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. Please forward this error screen to sharedip-1666228125. This article does not cite the rich brother by tobias wolff pdf sources. This Boy’s Life is a memoir by American author Tobias Wolff first published in 1989.

It describes the author’s adolescence as he wanders the continental United States with his traveling mother. In 1955, Toby and his mother, Rosemary, are on their way to Utah to make their fortune by mining uranium. While in Utah, Toby changes his name to Jack in honor of the author Jack London and also to remove himself from his father, who abandoned Jack and his mother shortly after Jack was born. Jack shares an intimate closeness with his mother who, because of her own abusive childhood, habitually involves herself with violent and volatile men.

First, there is Roy, Rosemary’s second husband, who follows Rosemary and Jack from Florida to Utah. Jack takes refuge in his unusually vivid imagination. Dwight’s abuse and Jack’s own general unhappiness in Chinook only fuel Jack’s fantasies. Jack longs to escape from Chinook so that he can recreate himself, but he can only live the life he wants for himself in his own mind. Jack submits exaggerated applications to private schools, claiming that he is an A-student, star athlete, and good citizen.

Jack has many dreams of running away, but he never succeeds in actualizing them. Jack’s first real attempt at running away involves a plan to flee to Alaska with Arthur Gayle. Jack plans to make his getaway after a Boy Scout meeting in another town, but he ends up befriending a group of boys from another troop, distancing himself from Arthur, and being conned out of all of his money in a game of chance. Jack also writes to his uncle in Paris detailing the harsh life he endures with his stepfather asking to be taken in.

When the issue eventually boils down to Jack having to be adopted, he refuses and stays in Washington with his mother. Jack finally gets the opportunity to leave Chinook and start a new life when he is accepted to the prestigious Hill School. Howard, an alumnus of Hill, interviews Jack and serves as Jack’s mentor. Howard and his wife have Jack fitted for a new wardrobe, Jack is warmed by their attention and affection, which he has experienced very little of at home.

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